Community Service Events

Giving back to the community is critical to our mission as a club.

Northside Park Cleanup - January 2022

Some of our club members getting together on an early Saturday morning to pick up trash at Northside Park, the community pickleball courts. 

Northside Park Cleanup - September 2022

Spending our Saturday morning (before game day) beautifying the local public pickleball courts!

Swamp Series Tournament - October 2022

Following the events of Hurricane Ian, the club decided to donate all proceeds from the tournament to Community Cooperative for the Lee County Hurricane Relief Fund. In total, we donated $2,000 towards the effort. 

A Reason To Give (ARTG)

ARTG September 2022

ARTG April 2023

A Reason to Give (ARTG) is a UF Student Organization that is dedicated to overcoming the stigmas surrounding homelessness through the empowering gift of a sandwich!